Walking Trail

Harris County Mud#23 offers two walking trails for the use of residents. The first trail is approximately 3/4 of a mile along Battle Oak Drive. It circles the bayou from Woodland West to Warren Street and back to Woodland West. The trail is constructed of decomposed granite for the comfort of walkers and joggers. The trail is lined with over 100 mature trees which will provide shade and beauty. For those who need a break there are several comfortable benches.

Mud#23 also has a walking trail in Courtyard Glen’s Tim Nelson Memorial Park. The trail is also constructed of crushed granite and lined with maturing trees.

Our trails are intended for walkers and joggers. Bicycles, motorcycles and four wheelers are not allowed on the trail. Please help keep the trail clean by using the trash receptacles. Please report any motorcycles or four wheelers to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as they can damage the trail and make it unusable