We Want to take a moment to remind you that the start to the official hurricane season for the Gulf Coast region is June 1 and it goes through Dec. History shows that your awareness and preparation are critical in protecting your family and property in the event of a hurricane disaster.

Be prepared. Please download “What YOU Can Do To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Your water district and the water district operating company, have developed emergency preparedness and response plans which we will be following in the event that there is a storm threat that could impact the operation of the water and wastewater system that serves you. Your safety and the high level of service related to the water and wastewater operations that you have become accustomed to is extremely important to us. Be assured that your District Board and Aqua Services will be working diligently to minimize any potential service interruption in the event of such a storm.

To assist you in your own hurricane preparedness, we have listed some of the hazards which can result from a hurricane. We have also suggested several web sites for you to access that contain further information and guidelines.

Hurricane Hazards:

Storm Surge– The most dangerous hazard during a hurricane, storm surge is a large dome of water that is pushed up on the land as the hurricane comes ashore.

High Wind– Winds that can generate storm surge also cause damage themselves. Most vulnerable to these high winds are trees, power lines, signs, homes and businesses with unprotected windows.

Tornadoes– As hurricanes move on shore, the associated high winds can spawn numerous tornadoes. These tornadoes can occur without warning and add to the destructive potential of the hurricane.

Flooding– Hurricanes and tropical storms often bring very heavy rain for extended periods. Six to ten inches of rain can fall in less than 24 hours producing flooding in many areas.

Recommended Web Sites for Hurricane Preparedness:

The District’s Utility Operator, TNG Untility Corps.’s, Phone Number: 281-350-0895

Please remember that preparedness is critical and now is the time to begin planning!