Dear District Customers,

A rate increase will become effective July 1, 2018 to account for increased costs to operate and maintain the wastewater system.   Recently it has been determined that our 40 plus year old Sewer Treatment plant has deteriorated to a point that it will have to be rebuilt or suffer a catastrophic failure.  The board sought advice from engineers, operators, and a financial adviser.  We were advised that rebuilding had to be done as soon as possible.  We were also advised that the only way to pay for the rebuilding of the plant was to raise our rates.

The cost of the rehabilitation will have to be paid out of water and sewer revenues, necessitating a significant increase in your monthly bill. We apologize for any hardship caused by this critical need.   We have no choice but to repair the plant in order to provide adequate service.

The directors of this district are homeowners and residents like you.   These increases will be felt by them as well.  The directors and consultants for your district have been working to bring down the cost of this major project and will keep working to keep cost down in the future.  Again, we apologize and thank you for understanding that this repair is critical to our neighborhoods.  We realize that these new rates represent a big jump in the cost of our services.  At the same time, we realize that without rebuilding, we will be in a worse place and the cost could escalate exponentially.

To see the new water rates, please click on Documents and look at our amended rate order.

Board of Directors
Harris County Mud 23

Did you know there are four (4) active MUD 23’s? This is Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 23, which encompasses the subdivisions of Woodland Trails West and Courtyard Glen. It is generally located at the Northeast quadrant of the intersection of Fairbanks North Houston and Fairbanks White Oak going North to Breen Rd. We are about 2 miles North of Hwy. 290. There are other MUD 23’s that can be confusing such as Northwest Harris County MUD No. 23, Brazoria County MUD No. 23 and a Fort Bend County MUD No. 23.

The District began to purchase water from the City of Houston in the fourth quarter of 2006, in order to comply with the groundwater reduction requirements of the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District. This infusion of City water into the District’s water supply system required the treatment of all District water with chloramines, the same treatment process used by the City. This made our water supply compatible with City water and minimized transitional water quality issues associated with this transition. For more information please check out the Water-Wise page.

Please don’t put yard clippings in the storm sewers. Report violators to 713-920-2831.

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For information to pay your MUD taxes on-line or other information concerning your MUD taxes, please go to or call Equi-Tax Inc. 281-444-3946.